The Benefits of the Treadclimber

The treadclimber gives a complete body workout and is quite similar in design to the stepper and treadmill machine. If you want to up the cardio activity than this piece of gym equipment is certain to be a practical choice and gives even more benefit when combined with a strength training routine. Let’s look at some of the most appealing features of this machine:

Cardio workout

One of the major benefits of the treadclimber is the ability to give a great cardiovascular workout. A 25-50 workout session per day is enough to give the all-round health a boost. Getting extra cardio activity is great for a variety of reasons, such as lowering the blood pressure, cutting the risk of heart disease, getting control of the HDL cholesterol levels and burning more calories. All-in-all, the treadclimber is mainly respected for its ability to give very effective cardio benefits.

Muscle toning

Using the treadclimber as a regular piece of fitness equipment is certain to help tone the muscles, especially in the lower half of the body. Because this machine involves making movements similar to walking up a steep set of stairs, it can help to improve the muscle tone for the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes.

Weight loss

If you are looking for fitness equipment to help with your weight loss goals, then the treadclimber has the potential to help. A regular session of 25+ minutes per day has the ability to burn nearly 325 calories. This type of weight loss is easily achieved by moving at a sensible speed of about 3 MPH. By working out like this it is possible to see a good improvement in the body shape with the ability to lose about 1 lbs for every 10 days of exercising.

Most fitness fans will say the treadclimber is a more reliable choice for cutting weigh than similar fitness gear like the treadmill and stair climber. On average, the treadclimber is about three and a half times more effective than a treadmill at burning calories and over 30% more efficient than a stair climber.

Adjustable use

To give the proper workout to the complete novice or the pro fitness fan, it is possible to adjust the intensity level of this piece of equipment. It is important to up the difficulty or intensity every so often to prevent the body reaching a plateau. This increases the ability to fully benefit from every workout completed.