Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy

There are instances when over-the-counter drugs just don’t work and your pain does not merit a surgical operation. So what exactly can be done to alleviate the pain? You must have considered trying medical massage therapy. Massage centers and spas seem to be in vogue at the moment, and yet with the kind of pain you have, you want to make sure that it will be treated instead of worsened. So what message should you go for?

Medical massage therapy is result-oriented and medically-supervised. In fact, the medical therapist coordinates with a physician on the kind of procedure that will be introduced to the patient depending upon the physician’s diagnosis and prescriptions. The therapist limits the procedure only to the affected part being examined by the physician. The therapist can employ different modalities or techniques on the affected area though. He can do muscle testing, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, positional release, trigger point therapy, and rehabilitative stretching procedures.

Medical massage therapy offers many benefits, among which are alleviation of pain and relaxation of the muscles, improvement of digestion, circulation and the nervous system, lessened activity of myofascial trigger points, greater muscular activity, and body movement, and a lot more.

The length of therapy depends upon the prescription of the physician as well as the response of the affected part. Although just like other massage therapies, its regularity is required in order to be effective.

Medical massage therapy, when seriously considered as a treatment for pain and injury, would come out as cost-effective because nothing can be more costly than spending your days in suffering and in an unproductive state.